Name: Matthew

Age: 18

Birthday: 12/14

Relationship: Taken 6/21/13


Oreos are a good breakfast, right?

The breakfast of champions and Mindy!


all I do anymore is sleep, feel bad for myself, and take selfies


Black and White Blog.

Lord Jesus let it just be back pain or paranoia and not my kidney.

I wrote to the president about equal pay for all women to end the wage gap. I feel like I’ve done something productive.


calligram elephant by absurdynka
  • Somebody: so what did you do for spring break.
  • Me: oh just laid in bed, got depressed, realized how lonely I am, stressed out, and tanned one day.
Anonymous said: With pleasure.


Anonymous said: Sad bloggers make me sad. :'( feel better.

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Anonymous said: do you have any tips for someone thinking about becoming a sugar baby?


Here are some links which have helped me learn to become a better sugar baby:

Those are just the posts I have saved on my blog. I’m sure more experienced SBs could teach you a lot more than I could, and I love catching up and reading on the #sugar baby tag on Tumblr just to get some new ideas.

Here are my own tips:

  • Be yourself. I know that the image of a sugar baby is classy, educated, confident, sexy, etc. but you need to add to that. You should already be all of those things, and if you aren’t you’d better act like it. Still, when I’m with Capt, I know that I can’t put up an act because he likes who I really am as well — nerdy, art-loving, passionate, funny, excitable, etc. And he loves to tell me that he loves it! In fact, I’ll take him to my favorite pizza place/bar or Chili’s to get one of their delicious molten cakes because that’s what I like in addition to 5 star restaurants.
  • Know what you are worth. You’re priceless, but how much does a man need to pay for you to give him the time of day? Set your allowance and stick with it; never lower it for anyone. Accept gifts with a smile and thank you.
  • Stay sane. You’ll most likely be balancing two lives here: your sugar baby life and your persona life. Make sure you don’t get the two mixed up. Give your friends gifts but don’t disclose where you’re getting the money unless you’re absolutely certain you can trust them with that information. You need to find a balance between being a SB and being your regular self (student? girlfriend?)
  • Take care of yourself. Get your hair done, nails done, go to spas, exercise, go shopping… Your sugar daddy will see that you take care of yourself and will want to spoil you. Be good to your body and it will all pay back in the end.
  • Know your limit. Set your rules. It’s okay to ask for a platonic relationship — I know those are rare, but they can be done if you find the right person. Don’t ever lower your standards. Like I said before, stick to your allowance and even ask or accept more if you feel like it. Don’t let a man take you home on the first date or even the tenth date unless you’re okay with it. Don’t let him give you too many drinks at dinner. Don’t let him get away with missing your allowance. Don’t pick up too many SDs at once unless you know you can juggle multiple relationships.
  • Love your Sugar Daddy. We want to act so high and mighty when we write on Tumblr about other men, and I mean, that’s true. They want us enough to hand over thousands of dollars for our company! But you’ll never be able to keep a sugar daddy if you leave him feeling like an ATM. Invest in him yourself by keeping up with him and letting him know how you are, planning dates, dressing up, sending sweet messages, and personally taking an interest in his life so that he feels like a human being as well.
  • SPEND YOUR MONEY WISELY. It’ll be a thrill the first time you get your allowance, but never expect it to be endless! Save some, pay your bills, your gas, etc. and then keep a little for fun. What will you do in between sugar daddies, or when you finally quit? Have a Plan B!

Best of luck to you in the bowl, girl!