Never Wake Up

Matthew - 19

Sagittarius - 12/14

Taken on 6/21/13

I connect to Anna Blast on a spiritual level…

Tonight is so uncomfortable… my boyfriend ignored me to the way to school only to start a fight with me when we got there over the fact I didn’t have dinner with him and his mom because I felt pressured to to say yes because he makes it so I can’t say no. I’m honestly feeling so unsafe right now waiting for him and driving him back home I literally feel my life in danger even though it’s probably my nerves…


I’m glad my friends were here for me and on a positive note I made a friend and passed all three of my tests today.

- Update:

Whole car ride home he ignored me we didn’t talk and we didn’t even say goodbye… my stomach is torn up from stress and I just wanna cry but I gotta pretend I’m fine so my parents don’t ask questions…

Somebody take me out


Please love your pets because their lives are short and they’ve seen you naked or having sex or masturbating or all three and they still love you.

Track: Drunk In Love
Artist: Beyonce
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what’s it called when you have friends but you’re still lonely